Maker Faire 2016

23rd-24th April 2016
See the Maker Faire website for more details

Maker Faire UK is the greatest show (and tell) on Earth! Taking place on Saturday 23 – Sunday 24 April 2016 at Life Science Centre in Newcastle, it’s a two-day family-friendly festival of invention and creativity.

It brings together over 300 hackers, crafters, coders, DIYers and garden shed inventors from across the globe – people who love to make stuff and who want to share their passion with the public.

One of the main attractions this year are the Lords of Lightning! Lightning and plasma have become the new fire in modern times, offering the age old attractive force of danger and mystery that never fails to draw a crowd and leave the wanting more! The Lords’ Tesla Coils can throw out mind boggling lightning bolts up to five metres long that will astound an audience and make them question their own perception of reality. Their show is truly one of a kind and like no other on the planet – they can make eyes widen and blow minds at the flick of a switch!

Acclaimed workshop tinkerer Jason Lane will also be bringing one of his inventions down. For Maker Faire UK 2016 he will be bringing along his Mechanical Sound Sculpture. Producing a discordant cacophony of sound from the various moving elements making different industrial noises, the entire sculpture is built on a shortened Range Rover chassis. The sculpture was originally commissioned by Walk the plank for the Art Car parade in Blackpool in 2007. The piece was further developed and used in the closing ceremony of the 2012 Paralympics.

Dominic Wilcox’s stunning driverless Stained Glass Car also comes to Maker Faire UK, hot off the heels of a stint at the London Design Festival. The stunning handmade, prototype car of the future features only a bed inside and is designed so that the passenger can sleep whilst being whisked away to their destination.

It’s really great fun for adults and kids alike, with all sorts of different things to try your hand at from traditional crafts to hi-tech hacks. The atmosphere is one of collaboration, sharing and experimenting, where you’ll try new things, deepen existing knowledge and have loads of fun! Be prepared to be inspired. Don’t be afraid to get stuck in!

Find out more on the Maker Faire 2016 website.

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23 April 2016

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