Hartlepool Festival of Illustration

As part of a collaboration between Cleveland College of Art and Design, Hartlepool Borough Council and Seven Stories, Hartlepool will be host to the Festival of Illustration, which will bring over 50 world famous artists, illustrators and cartoonists to the town.

As part of the month long event taking place from Friday 5th June until Saturday 4th July, there will be an Illustration Market on Church Square which will feature artists from around the world who will be selling and signing their works. There will also be an exhibition of the collected works of the featured artists at the Hartlepool Art Gallery which will be on display throughout the month.

Along with the market and exhibition, there will also be a number of talks and workshops from the featured artists of the festival, who will be sharing stories about their lives and their work. 

Some of the featured artists include the likes of John McCrea who has worked on a variety of Marvel and DC Comics and Ralph Steadman, an illustrator who has designed a number of album covers for the likes of The Who and Frank Zappa and is best known for his work with American journalist, Hunter S. Thompson. 

If you wish to book tickets to any of the talks or presentations by any of the featured artists, please click the appropriate link below.


Brothers of the Stripe

Chris Riddell – Author and Political Cartoonist

Ingi Jensson – Cartoonist

John McCrea – Cartoonist for Marvel

Sara Ogilvie – Illustrator and Print Maker

Hunt Emerson and Keith Robinson – Cartoonist for the Beano and Freelance Cartoonist

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04 July 2015

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